Alex MAVR has a vivid progressive trance direction in creativity. The reasons for the success of any good artist Dj – it is a skill to the feelings of his audience, and the ability to leave unforgettable moments in the memory. His fans – the people of any age, race and religion. Alex MAVR – this is a man who literally unites continents.

Full name Alexey Milgunov. Born and raised 06 April 1976, in the city of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region. Since 2009 lives and works in Sochi, is a regular guest on radio stations “Europa Plus” and “Radio Energy” Sochi.

Alex MAVR is a resident of Internet radio stations “Trance-Energy 

His weekly radio show heard on the radio station “Radio HiTecwww.radiohitec.nlNetwork Radio in Holland/Amsterdam “Sound in Spain, “… Bronx/USA, “Trance-Energy Amsterdam/Holland, “ Hungary, and also “Electronic Special Radio 95.5 Venezuela/South America, “Fresh Exclusive House” Manchester/England 

Trance – this is the music, which gives to the feelings, emotions, energizes, makes the feeling more intense, it’s the music that goes beyond the usual.